fit-PC3 and fit-PC3i are fully functional miniature computers based on AMD Embedded G-Series 64-bit dual core processor family.

Together with AMD Radeon HD graphics engine, peripherals set and connectivity options, completely fanless design delivers performance up to 1310 points score on Geekbench3 benchmark tool. The product offered in two SoC computing power options. fit-PC3 and fit-PC3i differs in a set of proposed connectivity and I/O options, as 2nd video output technology, number of LAN ports, Serial RS232 connectivity and readiness for cellular communication.

fit-PC3/3i serves a wide range of applications – industrial control and automation, networking and communications infrastructures, media players and media centers, IPTV, infotainment system, digital signage and smart kiosks, gaming or small-footprint desktop replacement.